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About me

I translate what I am passionate about, and

 I am passionate about what I translate.

Born and raised in Edinburgh in Scotland, I gained my degree in Modern Languages (Italian and German) from the University of Westminster in London. I then spent six  years teaching English as a foreign language to individuals and in high-profile companies in and around Modena in Italy.

After starting to work as a translator, I decided to further my skills as a medical translator, gaining a diploma in Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation from CTI in Milan.

In 2014 I gained my Nursing degree from the University of Bologna, giving me an excellent grounding in all areas of theory and terminology, as well as a number of internships in neurology, cardiology (including cardiac intensive care and haemodynamics), general and orthopaedic oncological ​surgery, accident and emergency, and mental health, giving me invaluable hands-on clinical experience.

My thesis, written in Italian, regarded the issue of Family Presence, the presence of family members during cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other invasive procedures. 

My interests and my specialist areas go hand-in-hand; I am keen on photography and theatre, and have taken part in five Italian-language plays to date. I have also volunteered as an ambulance crew member, where I gained my BLSD qualification, and have worked as a volunteer dog handler with a local K9 search and rescue unit.


I am a volunteer translator for the charity Translators Without Borders, with 26,286 words translated to date.